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The Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics (EPD) provides unrestricted, public access to a large volume of proteomics data generated by the Lamond Laboratory and their collaborators. An account is not required to access these data..

However, the EPD also contains data from numerous experiments that are still in progress and where the analyses are not yet complete. Access to these data sets is restricted to PepTracker account holders only.

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What is the Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics?

The Encyclopedia of Proteome Dynamics (EPD) presents the data from many large-scale experiments performed in the Lamond Laboratory to study proteome responses and gene expression.

The data includes analyses of protein abundance, rates of protein synthesis and degradation, sub-cellular protein localisation, formation of protein complexes and variation in protein and mRNA expression across the cell cycle.

Where available, it also includes information on the properties of separate protein isoforms and multiple post-translational modifications. For more information check the About and Details sections.

Integrated Resource

The EPD provides one central location where all protein information can be found

Lamond Laboratory Publications

Information about the experiments and data featured in the Encyclopedia of Proteme Dynamics can be found in the Publications Section

Further publications describing work from the Lamond Laboratory can be found on the Lamond Lab wesite/publications